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Anonymous asked: Hi Resha ( I love youuuu bewbew)... as a Scorpio, I definitely deal with a lot of BS because I'm very confident with myself and my sexuality and I'm pretty outspoken. I've noticed that you are as well. Have you always been "controversial"? and if so, how did you/do you deal with the drama that comes with just being your awesome self?

you can’t please everybody. the sooner you drum that into your head, the better off you’ll be. someone will ALWAYS have a problem with who you are. how dare you be you? how dare you say the things they wish they had the balls to say? how dare you enjoy sex? how dare you live?

the one thing my mom taught me was that i’d never wanna look back at my life and say “Damn, I wish I spent more time being myself instead of who everybody else wants me to be”.

and she’s right.

as far as drama goes, as “controversial” as i am, i dont have drama. i dont entertain it. i dont acknowledge it. i dont fucking care lol. unless its gonna be on my credit report, or prevent me from putting food on my own table, i refuse to give a shit about somebody i dont even know focusing all of their misguided hateful/lustful energy on lil ol me. if you’re dealing with a lot of BS, perhaps re-check the people you associate with. if you have friends/fam who really accept you for who you are, there shouldn’t be any drama. dont start drama, don’t entertain it, you won’t have it. period. i cant even watch reality shows because THAT kinda entertainment doesnt entertain me. once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.  i got bigger n better things to focus on, and once you realize that you do as well, you’ll see a lot of shit you don’t want to deal with disappear or never show up to begin with.

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