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ashleyabove asked: My heart aches for your loss, and I have tears in my eyes. My dog is my everything. Even though she's only 2, I dread thinking of the day I when I'll be without her forever. People just don't realize the connection that can form between dog and human if they've never experienced it. I have a man, I have family, etc but there is NOTHING like what me and "my girl" share. I hope you can find peace in the memories you two shared. I cannot express my condolences enough.

thank you sweetheart. it’s definitely hard to get thru, each day gets better but when you have a “moment”, those moments hit hard. ruben was definitely family. i planned just about everything around him. he had a special place in my heart that nobody else could ever fill, and like you, i have a family/man/etc. but our pets?? irreplaceable!

i had Ruben cremated, and I kept his ashes in a doggy urn. they also gave me a clipping of his fur and a mold of his footprint. i spread some of his ashes at my parents house because they loved him just as much as i did, and he spent a great deal of time pissing in their yard. i flew the remains back home with me in Atlanta. some may think that was hella drastic, but i dont really give a fuck. that was my baby and you do things like that for your babies. he’ll always be with me. thru memories, pictures, videos and more. very special pup <3

  1. libam2k said: My condolences!
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