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Anonymous asked: okay so this boy i'm involved with wants me to suck his dick but i wouldn't really know what i'm doing bc i never have. i read your rules on sucking dick but i'm still apprehensive. i want to, but i just don't want to look like an idiot. any pointers?

relax. its just a dick.

but first off, inspect his shit. make sure he aint got no sores, warts, open cuts/wounds, or rough patches. make sure his bill of health is clean.

be delicate with your mouth, use your tongue and avoid having your teeth graze his shit at all times. a good way to practice sucking on the tip is to put your 2 fingers in your mouth and make love to’em. this way you can FEEL what your mouth is doing on your fingers, and it’ll give you an idea of what he’s gonna feel. granted, his dick should be much bigger than your 2 fingers, but fuck the size right now, focus on the feeling. keep your mouth wet. when his dick hits the back of your throat, or as deep as u can take it, you’ll gag a little and this will help you produce more saliva. use a bit of suction with your jaws…not super tight, but just enough to create a little pressure. play with his balls, gently, and just enjoy what you’re doing. we all had to start somewhere, and before you know it, you’ll be damn good at it. if you’re unsure of what he’ll like, ASK HIM! not every man wants his dick sucked the same way, some have little things they like for a woman to do, but the basics are the basics, and you gotta learn the basics first. i can tell you this though, i dont know any man who enjoys dry head. so again, keep that mouth soaking wet and sloppy. dont be afraid to spit on it, slap it on your tongue, and beg him to cum all over your face. blow bubbles on that shit lol. men also enjoy women who genuinely enjoy sucking their dick. if you look like you dont wanna do it, it wont be a sexy experience for him. dont just suck the tip of his dick either…it’s the most sensitive spot for most guys, but you gotta work the shaft and his balls too. you’ll get the hang of it. it’s not hard, but its a lot of fun when you know you’re doing it right and notice his toes curling like a total retard. 

sooner or later a nigga will ask you “what dat mouf do” and you’ll be able to show him with pride ;)

ps. if he tastes bad, tell that nigga to eat some goddamn yogurt. pineapple juice aint gonna do shit for you long term. it’s a 5min solution, but it aint really as effective as yogurt. yogurt has enzymes and good bacteria to help balance one’s pH levels, which make them taste better and less acidic. works wonders for women too. eat yogurt and your pussy will taste like good credit.

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